3 Strange Things that Could be Wrecking Your Sleep


Do you wake every morning thinking 15 more minutes please?  Make repeated hits on the snooze button? You’re not alone. Here are 3 things you never considered, but could be wrecking your quality of sleep.

You Eat Chocolate at Night

Chocolate is delicious and amazing for so many things from birthday cake to a sweet treat at the movies. But if you’re eating chocolate in the evening while dialing in on Netflix that may be what keeps you tossing and turning at night. Most of us know that coffee will keep us up at night, but we often forget other food items that contain caffeine.  From chocolate, to soda, to tea, it’s time to cut back for a better night’s rest.

Your Bedroom is Too Quiet

Sometimes it’s just too quiet to sleep at night.  You know what I mean, you hear the air turning off and on, the fridge clicking away, creaky floors or the repetitive breathing of the person beside you. If it’s too quiet to sleep you might be tempted to set the stereo or television on timer while you try to fall asleep. The problem with music or tv is that it can be too stimulating. Instead try a white noise machine. Most are fairly inexpensive and contain multiple options such as white noise, rainfall or the ocean. A repetitive, non-stimulating sound, is just the thing to send you off to sleep and keep you there.

You Love a Thriller

It’s been a long day at work and all you want to do is curl up on the couch with your favorite tv show. Maybe you like to watch Jack Ryan chase the bad guys or watch those adorable Stranger Things kids do some next-level Scooby Doo investigations. Whatever your thriller of choice is, it could be keeping you up at night. Getting caught up in an exciting story can keep your brain wandering while you sleep. Have you ever watched Dexter before bed? Then spent half the night dreaming about terrible traffic accidents? The two are related. Catch up on your thrills and scares earlier in the day or on weekends.